Executive Workshops

Executive Workshops provide the perfect opportunity for a structured peer to peer information exchange, while "Building Relationships with Key Prospects" or nurturing existing clients in an exclusive environment. Led by a Guest Host Moderator, interactive discussions occur in a relaxed atmosphere and closed-door business setting, so the you can easily tailor a core message for hard to reach "C-level Executives As the sole sponsor, this "Exclusive Environment" provides for more in-depth conversations than most face-to-face events can provide, allowing your field team to develop or deepen relationships with people who have self-identified as wanting to understand your products and solutions and how they can create business value within their organisations.


​Meet Powerful decision makers in a relaxed atmosphere

Select a Target Audience that moves leads into sales

Your company is the exclusive sponsor

Tailor the topic of discussion to align with your solutions

Exchange information with top leaders

Build relationships that generate an ROI


What we offer:

  • Create abstract and theme to guide Executive Workshop that correspond to your business objectives
  • Provide IT Guest Moderator (Chairman) to independently facilitate the discussions, throughout day
  • Case studies created with supplier and delivered by sponsor's client/s
  • Sponsors executive presenter/s strategically featured within agenda
  • Create and deliver personalised e‐mail invitations with your corporate logo to a customised guest list of executive decision makers
  • Develop and manage a dedicated 24x7 online registration form with social media integration
  • Work with the client to understand their target customer and build a custom prospect profile that includes information on company size, geographic location, industry, title (level)
  • Follow‐up with guests, track RSVPs and reconfirmations; report to ensure maximum attendance and alignment with strategic account list
  • Host biweekly team status call to ensure progress and alignment with program objectives
  • Deliver profile backgrounders on each executive attendee prior to the event to ensure maximum preparation and networking opportunities
  • Coordinate all logistics for the event, including scalable event production, event location, onsite event program management as well as venue management
  • Create co-branded on-site program brochure with agenda and sponsor company information for each attendee
  • Provide name badges, table seating cards (Additional fees will apply if supplementary signage is requested - Sponsor can provide additional banners)
  • Create and deliver post‐event survey; provide synopsis of survey results
  • Provide post‐program contact list via Microsoft Excel for easy import into your CRM system
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