The Case for a Smart, Secure & Streamlined Organisation

Identity and access management is a critical part of any enterprise security plan, as it is inextricably linked to the security and productivity of organisations in today’s digitally enabled economy.

Compromised user credentials often serve as an entry point into an organisation’s network and its information assets. Enterprises use identity management to safeguard their information assets against the rising threats of ransomware, criminal hacking, phishing and other malware attacks.

In many organisations, users sometimes have more access privileges than necessary. A robust IAM system can add an important layer of protection by ensuring a consistent application of user access rules and policies across an organisation.

Identity and access management systems can enhance business productivity. The systems’ central management capabilities can reduce the complexity and cost of safeguarding user credentials and access. At the same time, identity management systems enable workers to be more productive (while staying secure) in a variety of environments, whether they’re working from home, the office, or on the road.

Join your IAM and security peers at the Identity & Access Management Summit on the 30th April, 2019, City of London. Where we will be discussing policies, processes, and technologies used to manage user identities and enforce what they can access and do within a system through authentication, authorisation, and accounting.

Covering The Latest IAM Topics

The IAM Conference will explore how Access Management & Identity Governance
technologies have changed plus discuss the latest information on:

(IAS) Identity As a Service

(IGA) Identity Governance, Administration

(PAM) Privileged Access Management

Biometrics & Multifactor Authentication

Blockchain and Identity

Enterprise Mobility & BYOD

Federated Access Management

Proactive Monitoring of Systems

Security & Fraud Systems

Compromised Identity Credentials & Data Breaches

User Credential Management

Moving to the Cloud & Digitalisation

Implementing an Identity Management Architecture

GDPR & Compliance

Delegates will get the information they need to align their IAM strategy
with corporate goals, build an IAM roadmap with attainable milestones and organise project
resources and measure project success.

Question Time Debates

1. Managing the Insider Threat, Enterprise Mobility & BYOD

2. How Analytics, Machine Learning and AI Are Shaping the Future of IAM

3. Why & How Authorisation has become Business Critical

4. Integrating Identity Management With Data Loss Prevention & The CISO’s Role in Resolving IAM Issues

5. Meeting Identity and Access Management Challenges in the Era of Mobile and Cloud

6. Securing Social Media Identities

Who Should Attend?

Attendance is Complimentary for Senior IT practitioners,
who are creating an Identity & Access Management Road-Map.

Access Control Analysts

Access Manager

Architects (security, infrastructure, technical and enterprise)

Audit & Compliance Professionals

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Risk Officer

Chief Security Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Cyber Security Professionals

Digital Forensic Experts

Directors/Heads of Compliance

Directors/Heads of Data Management

Directors/Heads of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Directors/Heads of Information Security

Directors/Heads of Information and IT Governance

Directors/Heads of IT Security

Directors/Heads of Network Security

Directors/Heads of Risk

Directors/Heads of Security

Directors/Heads of User Access Management

Entitlement Management Professionals

Endpoint Security Professionals

Fraud Prevention

IAM Consultants

IAM Architects

Identity and Information Assurance Professionals

IS Security Managers

IT Service Managers

Risk Assurance Professionals

Security Specialists

Systems Analysts

Our Speakers

Dr Philip Bonhard

Head of Customer Experience Design for Fraud, Authentication and Digital Security at Lloyds Banking Group

Andy Pinnington

CyberIAM, Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Frederik Brysse

Chief Architect and Head of Engineering

Manoj Kumar

Director at KPMG – CyberSecurity
Identity & Access Management

Charlie Mcmurdie

Former Head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit

Carlos Trigoso

Lead Architect (IAM)

Ros Smith

Senior Product Mgr (IAM)

Tarun Samtani

Group Data Protection Officer

Junaid Farooqui

Senior Security Architect
Coventry Building Society

Andrew Yeomans


Nick Mothershaw

Director of Fraud and Identity Solutions

Matteo Giuseppe Ferrara

Global Products Lead (IAM)
Jaguar Land Rover

Prof John Walker

Purveyor of Dark Intelligence
Conference Chair

Azeem Bashir

Global CISO
Cyber Execs

Andy Giles

Head of Security Governance
Risk & Controls
Nationwide Building Society

Richard Mardling

IDAM Director at Unilever

Paul Simmonds

CEO at
The Global Identity Foundation

Jonathan Raynor (CISSP)

Head of Identity & Access Management
M&G Prudential

Jeffrey Wood

Deputy Director of ICT
Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Ben Bulpett

EMEA Identity Platform Director

Ray Hockley

Senior Solution Manager – Hitachi

Andy Milton

Head of Channels – Hitachi

Steven Williams

Founder and Managing Director of Atlas Identity – Atlas Identity

Ian Airy

Head of Direct sales – Hitachi

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Venue Details

A minute’s walk from the Barbican, excellent public transport links at Barbican, St Paul’s, Moorgate and Farringdon and nearby car parking make Farmers & Fletchers in the City easily accessible from all parts of London.

Farmers & Fletchers in the City,
3 Cloth St, London, EC1A 7LD


30th April 2019, 8.45am – 6.00pm

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