Bespoke Events

"Success in Sales and Marketing"
relies on your ability to establish "Long Lasting Relationships".

These connections open doors of opportunity for your sales team with the right people at the right time. However, in the age of splintered media, it is harder than ever to cut through the clutter and communicate your value to potential customers. That’s why you rely on Intro-Tech Events . Our networks empower your marketing strategy and deliver tangible sales opportunities.

Our customers tell us that bespoke sponsorship's offer the most visibility, direct access and qualified lead generation opportunities, more than any trade show or being alongside your direct competition. The relaxed atmosphere of collaboration and celebration provides sponsors with unparalleled access to the most elite executives and key decision makers.

Once you experience this guaranteed one-on-one communication cohesively integrated with our thought-provoking platforms, you will discover your Intro-Tech Sponsorship is an essential component within your sales and marketing strategy and deliver tangible sales opportunities.

"The uniqueness of our packages is that they are created with your objectives in mind, ensuring you achieve the maximum return on your time and financial investment".

Why Bespoke?

  • An audience dedicated to you not your competitors
  • Strengthen and confirm your market position through consistent and continual branding awareness and networking opportunities with high level decision-makers
  • Educate top industry leaders about your products and solutions
  • Reach important targeted commercial prospects face to face or virtual in a social, relaxed environment
  • Build relationships with powerful decision makers in an exclusive environment
  • Shortening your sales cycle, Strengthening brand exposure and increase market share
  • Reaching the individuals/organisations who are going to ensure the growth of your business
  • Accelerate your sales cycle through a time and cost-effective platform
  • Generate genuine pipeline opportunities
  • Save time by interacting with relevant-qualified decision makers

A Bespoke Platform can include:

  • Breakfast Briefing
  • Lunch Sponsorship
  • ½ Day Conference
  • Full Day Conference
  • Partner Roadshow
  • Evening Dinners
  • Bespoke Marketing
  • Bespoke Virtual Events
  • Tailored Webinars
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